NowPorts: Digitizing Latin America’s Shipping

Mikal Khoso
7 min readMar 9

Digitizing ocean, inland and air shipping in Latin America

If there is one term that has gone from a niche business term to a mainstream buzzword over the last 3 years it has been “supply-chain.” The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as growing geopolitical tensions in Europe and Asia has left the world grappling with a multi-faceted supply-chain crisis for much of the last 3 years. The need for efficient and digitized supply chains is increasingly pressing, especially as ecommerce and just-in-time delivery gain popularity and put growing pressure on the global logistics industry. One company squarely focused on the challenge of digitizing logistics and international supply-chains is Mexican unicorn Nowports.

NowPorts is a Mexican logistics tech company digitizing the import and export experience for Latin American companies. It was founded in 2018 by Alfonso De los Rios and Maximiliano Casal as the first digital freight forwarder shipping ocean containers to and from Latin America.

NowPorts automates the entire supply chain to enable movement of client cargo via maritime, aerial and ground transportation. To enable this, NowPorts collaborates with leading airlines, shipping, railroad, and trucking companies. It also provides a BI platform, inventory financing, merchandise insurance, and customs coverage.

Nowports is headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico but operates across Chile, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States with a total of 11 active offices. It is backed by investors like Softbank, Tiger Global Management, Base10 Partners, Y Combinator and others.

Since its founding NowPorts has also managed to:

  • Raise $242.6M in total funding
  • Achieve a valuation of $1.1B
  • Build a team of 500+ experts in logistics, technology and supply chain
  • Grow its revenue by more than 12x year-over-year (2022)
  • Achieve a 10x growth year-over-year in containers shipped and customers served (2022)


Nowports has quickly built a robust platform touching multiple parts of the logistics process. NowPorts handles cargo for clients in the form of maritime…

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